[She Dreams of Fucking Herself Someday]

Lady Xanthes
5 June
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Here's a tip you lovely people. I may not be posting pictures of myself but I still love getting comments. Comments remind me I'm not update as often as I should, as well as let me know other people appreciate me finding pictures to post. The best way to get me to post more often is to comment more often.

Once you've been added to the friends list, take a quick hop off to answer this poll. Your input is greatly appreciated. Also, if you decide you want to be removed, let me know. It's cool if you don't have me on your list because a lot of people don't want naked ladies popping up during the work day. But if you don't let me know to remove you, I'll have no clue.

Lastly, I will never show pictures of myself, so please don't ask. Doing so will simply show me you didn't bother to read my info at all, and it will get you banned.

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